5 Tips To Get Unforgettable Wedding Photos


1. Choose The Right Photographer 

This may sound simple, but so many people don't realize how important it is to choose the right photographer. Don't just look at the photos they are taking but read reviews on the photographer. What are people saying? If possible, try and meet up with your photographer for a coffee and see if you guys would be a good personality fit. What's the best chance you have of getting the photographer you want? Make sure you book well in advance! Don't wait until the last minute to book the person who will capture your memories that will last a lifetime. 

2. Get Ready In A Bright And Open Area

This detail is often overlooked and could be one of the most important aspects of getting beautiful elegant photos while everyone is getting ready. Photographers are all about the light, and the more light they have to work with, the better. Make it easy for your photographer by getting ready in front of a window, so they can capture candid natural moments without giving too much direction. 

Cora & Dave 2016 - Amanda

3. Let Your Emotions Take Over

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Recognize that today is all about you and no one else. Don't be afraid to laugh hard, cry hard, or kiss hard. You're celebrating the love you've found and today, you are the only two people that matter. During your solo bride and groom session, grab your partner, whisper in their ear, sneak kisses, and above all else, just be you...

4. Save More Time For Solo Bride & Groom Photos

More often than not, the bride and groom are the last to enjoy their day because they are putting everyone else ahead of themselves. This is especially true in wedding photos. When preparing your shot list for your photographer, don't put so many people  on the list that you are forced to leave yourselves with too little time. Nobody likes to be rushed! Especially not on your wedding day. We understand it would be nice to get a photo with your moms best friend or your many aunts and uncles but try and save those picture for the reception or photo booth. 

5. Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Need I say more? Break out your best robot, do the worm, dance with your great uncle, get down with your bad self. The party, the dance, the reception, will be the most fun you'll have all day, so let loose and close down the venue. Of course, you can always sneak out early and let your bridal party close down the venue for you. That's up to you... ;)

Puppy Eyed Bride

Sometimes, when you pick up your camera and start shooting, you know it’s going to be a good day. That’s how I felt from the beginning to the end of this wedding. I was so excited about the shots I was getting of the bride and groom that they kept asking to see the back of the camera! Of course i’ll show a few images, but I always like to save most for the big reveal; when the collection is finished. Well…my hilarious, fun and loving bride wasn’t too happy with this, as I caught her grumpy, puppy eyed look, that i’m sure she has used with her now husband, a time or two before. The groom, however, was perfectly content with just about anything as long as he had his girl by his side. 

Sneak Peek - One Shot...